PDFs not appearing in 10.11

I have a similar, or the same problem: imported PDFs appear as blank pages. The content is there (highlighting turns up blocks of formatted text, and converting to text works but strips out the formatting) but it’s invisible. I don’t understand the reference to 10.6 - if that’s to OS X, I’m using 10.11, El Capitan, and Scrivener 2.7.

It’s most likely a different problem, as the above is referring to a global issue with yes, Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”.

There are some PDF display glitches in more modern versions of the OS. I’ve never heard of anything quite like what you describe though. It is possible for the PDF display to become obscured by a white rectangle that tends to grow as you scroll through the PDF. Sometimes that can grow to the point where it obscures the entire thing. There is unfortunately nothing we can do about that one, it’s a bug in the Mac itself. One thing that does “fix” it is changing the view mode to single or double page, non-continuous. If you try that does the problem go away?

I’d also check with PDFs from a few different sources. For example try Scrivener: compile something to PDF from one of your projects and import that.

I have the same problem as mprelec’s and understand that I can simply view the PDFs in a separate window, but my question is that today is the first day that I am having this problem… I could view PDFs in Scrivener all last week up through yesterday, but can’t today. I did not update any software (MAC - El Capitan v10.11.1 or Scrivener v2.7). I didn’t even turn off my computer… I simply put it to sleep. So, I’m curious why the PDFs are invisible now?

I’ve split this off to a new thread since that one was about a 10.6 bug. I recommended using an external viewer because on 10.6 there is literally no way to view PDFs successfully in Scrivener. It’s the only option (other than using the older 2.5 build which was compiled with a version of the libraries that still worked in this regard).

Clewis, have you tried any of the diagnostic steps that I recommended? Also, since you specifically mention not rebooting, have you tried that? :slight_smile:

I’ve tried importing a new document (compiled from Scrivener) and all of the settings on the View-Media-PDF Display menu, and the result is the same: All I see are blank sheets. To repeat, the text IS there - if you highlight and copy paste it into another program, it appears, but there seems to be no way to SEE it in Scrivener.

Yep, rebooting fixed my problem. I can view PDFs in Scrivener 2.7 now. Thank you!

Rebooting seems to have done the trick for me too.

Thanks for the updates, glad to hear it’s working better now. If the problem comes back with regularity let us know.