PDFs not appearing

These days when I click on a PDF in the binder it often doesn’t show up in the window. I might see it flicker when I resize the screen but it still doesn’t show. I didn’t track, but i have the feeling it’s only since I started using 2.7. This happening to anyone else?

Might help if you posted this in the Scrivener forum, rather than the Scapple forum.

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Mr X

That’s a 10.6 bug (or perhaps more accurately, a bug in newer versions of XCode that no longer produce a working PDF reader that runs on 10.6) that has been around since the 2.6 release, so about a year now. From my understanding there is no way to fix it (well, without regressing the Scrivener code base back 2013!). If you really need the PDF viewer, then using the 2.5 version would be best. Otherwise, you can just kind of ignore that feature and use the footer bar button (or Ctrl-Cmd-O) to load PDFs in another program.

P.S. Moved the post to Scrivener tech support. :slight_smile:

Thanks all. Sorry re wrong forum, but that gives me my answer and opening in a different window isn’t a huge problem. D

I just came across this bug - I have put some PDFs in my sidebar, but they only display the first two pages (even though they are listed as 14 pages etc in Scrivnener info bar at the bottom). Bizarrely I can still scroll the whole length of the document to half way or to the end, and then if I switch documents and then back to the first PDF, some of the invisible pages (two only!) now show up (not sure if this behaviour suggests a way to fix it? - perhaps to force a window viewer update when the user scrolls?).

I am using 10.6.8 and Scrivener 2.7

Opening in an external window using the arrow button does work and is a decent workaround until I upgrade the OS. Thanks!

As above…