PDFs not displaying

Just installed Scriv 1.9.6 on new Windows 10 PC laptop, and no pdf files will display. Synopsis, meta-data and doc notes all appear, but I get nothing but a blank screen in center section. Tried small and large pdf files – all stored in cloud and on local drive. Worked well with previous install on old machine. Thinking it must be a config problem, but can’t figger which con to fig. :neutral_face: (Perhaps there’s an answer in the forum somewhere, but I can’t find it. I’ve tried.) Any ideas? Thanks.

A couple of things to try…

  • Make sure are in document view, rather than corkboard or outliner.
  • Try the Open in External Editor option

There may be other possibilities.

thanks, springfield. No luck. Made sure I was in doc view, tried external and other editor, nothing. Just have a blank screen for pdfs in doc view. Images show fine, text files show fine, no pdf. Wondering if i’ve got some wierd adobe pdf program installed on this machine, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. Any other suggestions appreciated.

I’ll also be really grateful if someone could help with the problem. Pdf is in Research folder, no problem, but it’s just blank.


I have the same problem. I would be grateful if someone had a suggestion.
Cheers, Nicole

If open in external editor doesn’t work, then you may need to install something like Adobe Reader, so that you can at least view it in the appropriate program.

As for viewing the PDF inside Scrivener, try different viewing options (single page vs. continuous) in the right-click menu when attempting to view the pdf. I know there’s an issue on Scriv v2 for Mac that is alleviated by viewing as a page, vs continuous scrolling, maybe the same problem exists in the Windows version’s pdf viewing code?

Just to see if I understand what this is about. You are inserting a PDF document in the middle of an RTF document and expect Scrivener to display both type of files correctly inside a single window? Is such a thing possible? I would never imagine even trying this. All the current browsers have pdf viewers in them, Chrome, Firefox, Edge etc. and they are all terrible crappy viewers that fail on lots of pdf documents. Why would we think the Scrivener staff could insert a better viewer inside their document view?

Why not have a folder for support documents or whatever and insert a link to the appropriate pdf file so you can view it in a good pdf viewer?

If you wanted you could have a comment giving a synopsis of the file.

Again, jump on me and correct me if I’m off base. I’m an old man and maybe programmers have learned to do things that just seem impossible to me.

Isn’t 1.9.[size=150]7[/size] the latest version?

Now, yes, but was it when the OP first posted this thread?

I just thought that maybe this problem (if it is one) has been solved?


I don’t now why, but I found a solution to the PDF display problem I had:
If I click the arrow in the PDF display window “up” or “down” (“previous” or “next document”), it suddenly shows the PDF and from that time on, it will display the whole session.
Don’t ask me why - it was try and error on all the buttons…
Cheers, Nicole

sorry for this delayed reply…got sidetracked and am finally getting back to working with scrivener. thanks to nicoleb for those suggestions, which i’ll try as soon as I can get an unrelated computer problem fixed. hope nicoleb has put us on the right track. meantime, i’ve got another problem, which i’ll post about in a separate message. thanks again.

That was a ridiculously simple fix for something I’ve been fighting with for hours. Thank you! My pdfs appear as they should now in my research folder.