Pen Tablet Does Not Work in Beta 11

After installing Beta 11, I found that my Huion pen tablet no longer works. It worked fine up to Beta 10, but is not recognized at all anymore. I noticed it stopped working right from the install screen. I use the tablet as a mouse replacement to reduce the mousing pain in my right arm, so it is rather important. The tablet still works fine in all other applications, including Scrivener 1.9, and Windows.

Tried this again with Beta 12, and I’m sorry to report that my pen tablet still does not work in Scrivener. It worked fine until Beta 11. This is also true of the installer. Scrivener is now unusable unless you have a mouse. Interestingly, Google Chrome is the only other software that has issues with pen tablets, but at least it recognizes a pen click. In Scrivener, the cursor is present and visible, and it recognizes that the pen has touched the tablet–just doesn’t do anything. When I bring up the Scrivener start box, clicking on anything does not work with the pen, but I can click on the window close button which works.

Hope someone at Literature and Latte will take the time to check this out.

Most likely this is due to the upgrade of the Qt library to v5.12.0. We also spotted other issues related to upgrading the Qt version. A new Qt update is about to be released in January, which will be available in the Beta 13 release.

Upgrades to underlying software do tend to break things. In my younger years I developed in Visual Basic and C#, and it was almost normal to expect something to break. I still poke around with Wordpress, where themes and plugins break far too often.

Hopefully, the new Qt update will fix the problem. Scrivener is one of my primary tools now.

I’m sorry to report that Pen Tablet still does not work in Beta 13.

The click action (pen touching tablet) is not recognized. Interestingly, a double-click action, when the pen button is set to that, IS recognized, and so is a right-click action from the pen button. The tablet buttons are also being recognized.

It’s only the click action with pen to tablet that seems to be the issue. The software knows the pen tip touched the tablet, because it does kind of a splat. It just doesn’t seem to know what it is. The only other software that doesn’t like pen tablets is Google Chrome. The dozens of other software products I have installed, including Scrivener 1.9.9, have no problems.

You might want to pass that on to the QT people, since they might not be aware.