Per-Document Layouts/Images

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I’m a long time user and absolutely love Scrivener! If I could have one wish come true, it’d be to have the ability to attach a visible image to my workspace on a per-document basis and have it stay there every time I viewed that page and to have it change when I clicked on another document.

I guess a more general wish would be to have per-document layouts so that, for example, when clicking on Chapter_1, I get a split screen( or wherever else an image can show ) of moody_NewYork_alley.jpg and text document, and when I click on Chapter_2, I get a split screen of evil_corporate_lair.jpg and text document.

I know I can just change the picture on the split screen manually each time I switch documents, but will there be anyway to tie/link these two together in the future?

Thanks for the wonderful software! :smiley:

  • Rick


Thanks for the kind words. I’m afraid something like this would be hell to implement, as it would mean each editor remembering different settings for every document, and checking that associated files haven’t been deleted in the interim and so on. It’s also one of those features that could end up throwing some users. And, of course, remember that you can use the notes area for this sort of thing, as this is exactly what the notes area is for. You can drag images into the notes area too.

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Thanks, Keith!

Actually, copying it into the Notes is EXACTLY what I was looking for ( I find it more convenient to splitting my screen in most cases ). I was trying to do this before by right-clicking and doing it through the context menu, but couldn’t figure how - the copy-paste/dragging-photo-in did the trick.

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  • Rick

You can also use Insert > Image from File… in the Edit menu. Glad that helped!
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