Per-file default view mode (scrivening, corkboard, or outline)

I would kill to have per-file default view mode (scrivening, corkboard, or outline). I have folders/files that are always supposed to be outlines, and ones that are always supposed to be corkboard, and ones that are always supposed to be scrivenings.

Load those in the editor (one at a time), set them to display as you want them, and then right click their icon in the header bar.



I don’t see this option anywhere.

Right click your folder’s icon in the editor’s header bar.


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I think this feature is too well-hidden. Either way, thank you so much!

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Given the amount of features in the app, there will always be a few that end-up so. No matter what the devs do.
It’s fine once you know. :wink:

I feel like this should be a right-click on Binder items.

I disagree. It concerns the editor, not the binder.
(In both places? perhaps. But not in the editor’s header? No.)

I meant both places.
Intuitively though, the binder is where you select the folders and file groups. So that’s where you would look for their options too, right? That’s the first place I looked, both before I made this topic and after you posted.

Another intuitive place for this option to go would be a little lock button right beside the buttons where you select the view mode (scrivening, corkboard, outline). There’s plenty of unused space there. (I also tried right-clicking those buttons when I was looking for the lock feature.)

Who would think to look at the header icon? It doesn’t even look like a uniquely-clickable item. But keep the lock option there for legacy— just also add it to more intuitive places.

I found this where described, but greyed out. I loaded the items one at a time two ways, with a split and without. No luck. What did I miss? This is handy.

It works only for folders or files parent to other files.
(Single files only have one view mode… There is nothing to lock.)

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That explains it.

(Here’s the extra characters to meet the minimum message requirements which are unnecessary. ;))