Per-project spellchecking

Most of my projects need UK spellchecking and some need US spellchecking. So my default is UK spellchecking, easily set. But is there a way to lock particular projects into US spellchecking? In other words, to affect existing and new documents within that project.

(Not relevant to my question, but a quick aside while I’m here: does anyone else find the thin grey sans-serif font in this forum not easy to read? Maybe it’s just my ageing eyes. )

Can’t answer the main question, but in response to your aside, my eyes are ageing as well, and I regret to say that I find the legibility of this site about the worst I have encountered on the internet. You have reminded me that I will have to find some sort of styler plug-in to change the font to something better for me. There is one for Safari called FreeStyler, but I don’t know if it can change the font. I will investigate.

OK – just discovered that others have been here before. There are ways around the problem using Google Chrome – see here:

Thanks to Ioa!

I’ve started a new thread on the font, so that we don’t get sidetracked. Sorry about that.


Can anyone answer my question about spellchecking?

I think the answer is “No, it can’t”, because spellchecking is provided by the system, not Scrivener. Also, KB, undoubtedly for good reasons, has not (been able to, or doesn’t have the resources to) implement marking sub-areas of text as being in a given language. Nisus Writer Pro does this, but they have a team and are basically just working on modifying the text engine, without all the other features that KB has programmed in Scrivener.

I have spell checking turned off as I don’t want my interface covered with red squiggles. I export to NWP; if it’s a long document I proofread there as the different UI makes it easier to spot errors and occasionally use the spell-checker, but if it’s a short document I usually print it out and proofread on paper.

Sorry, that doesn’t help solve your problem, unless you were to turn spell-checking off and use some marking like italics for your American words, then compile to RTF, open in NWP and use search to find all instances so marked, remove the formatting and mark it as US English. Then run a spell check. But that’s a bit of a faff And may well be not worth it.


Mark, thanks for the thoughts.

Bit of a faff, indeed.

Oh well, I’ll just continue to turn on US spellchecking per document. Shame it couldn’t be automated.