Per-project word substitutions?

Hi folks,

In the substitutions section of the options for corrections, we can create our own substitutions for words that we type. However, these substitutions are effected for all projects. Is there a way to make substitutions that will only occur in a particular project?

For example, I have a substitution that replaces “dc” with “Dr. Cavanaugh”. If I had a different project in which the phrase “Washington DC” occurred, I would obviously not want “DC” to be changed.

The substitutions list in the options does allow each substitution to be turned on or off, but this is a clumsy alternative if there are a lot of substitutions or if we’re switching frequently between projects.


Greg Reese

Have you tried using completions instead of substitutions? The former is the intended tool for project-specific phrases that are frequently typed. The process is a little different in that it works more like a suggestion to what you are typing, as opposed to an outright correction of what you have already typed. So if you type in “Dr” then you’ll get a list of all the things in your completion list that start with “Dr”.

You’ll find that list in the Project ▸ Auto-Complete List… menu command, and if you would prefer these to be more in your face (by default you have to hit Alt+= to request completions), then disable the In script mode only setting, in the Corrections settings tab.

Thanks AmberV, I’ll give it a try.