Per Scrivening Target (and sync of targets?)

Is it possible to set individual targets for each scrivening, as can be done on OS X?

I just bought the iOS version, but the character count/limit (as opposed to word count) feature is a key part of my workflow for my use of the app.

I thought the targets I had set in iOS would sync over, but apparently not?

From what I can tell, it seems goals are limited to being set across the entire draft?

Appreciate any guidance.


Per-document targets aren’t a feature of the iOS version I’m afraid - it’s not possible to include every feature of the macOS and Windows version in iOS. The targets won’t be lost when you sync, they just aren’t available in iOS.

All the best,

Thanks Keith, that’s a shame, but completely understandable. Maybe tag it as a future feature request? :laughing:

Appreciate your swift response to my question.

Despite the lack of this particular feature, I’m still really digging Scrivener for iOS.