Performance on 2015 Macbook?

Is anyone here using a 2015 Macbook with Scrivener?

I currently write mostly on the move with 13" or 17" MacBook Pro. These machines are great for day-job web dev as well as writing, with top-spec CPU and RAM. However I’m now looking for a focused writing machine. My hit-list being portability (form factor), battery life (a working days’ writing with no power), Scrivener being responsive (novel-length projects with reference & notes) and screen clarity (my poor eyes, so retina a must).

So, the question is: how responsive is Scrivener on a new MacBook? Should I go for the faster of the two models?

Any advice welcomed!


Unless you have really, really huge research materials, a 2015 MacBook running Scrivener will spend most of its CPU time drinking coffee and plotting world domination. Scrivener is designed to work well with very modest hardware.


Thanks Katherine. I figured as much as it barely makes a dent on the 'pros. Curious whether any Scriv-writers out there use one of the 2015 models.

Yes, I have the 1.2GHz, 512Gb version and it runs Scrivener with no problems at all, as far as I can see, even when I have other programs running at the same time (DevonThink, Tinderbox, Safari, Omnifocus, Mail and Calendar at the moment…).

Given the screen is a little smaller than you’re perhaps used to, you may find that you use full screen a little more than before and are slightly more careful with when you have the binder and inspector open, but it really isn’t a problem. If you don’t know the ‘Manage Layouts’ feature of Scrivener, it’s worth having a look at it.

I also use the ‘More Space’ retina setting in System Preferences > Display to give me slightly more real estate and it looks very good indeed.

One caveat – the keyboard is different, with less key travel than other keyboards. I found it really pleasant to type immediately, and had got back to my old speed within half an hour or so, but others don’t appear to like it. I do – I find it easy and accurate to type on. If you can get to play on one beforehand for half an hour, that might be worth your time.

I bought the machine basically for the same reason you did – as a writing machine – and I’m really glad I did.

I think my current MacBook Pro must be feeling jealous as Safari froze posting this the first time… x.x Anyway…!

Thank you very much @brookter. This is exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve spent some time playing with a display model at the local Apple Centre, so I’ve had chance to give the keyboards a run. I actually think I prefer the reduced travel of the new keyboard.

I tend to use Scrivener with as many distractions as possible squashed - so, composition mode or fullscreen. I’m a recent convert to the usage of layouts for the planning/writing/editing views. Saves me messing around when I switch head-mode…

Anyway glad to hear you’re enjoying the machine. Seems likely I’ll go for the same model.

Ah but then… which colour? :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


I have recently bought the 12" Macbook primarily for writing, and love it!

There are several differences between the 13" MBP and the 12" MB. Temperature and weight are only two. I often write lying in my sofa or sitting in an armchair with the laptop in my lap, and the MB never gets as hot as the MBP, and the difference in weight is noticeable.

As for screen size, I have only moved down from 13" retina to 12" retina, so I don’t experience much difference, but I also have the option to use a 27" Thunderbolt together with my MBP, but seldom do for writing. When working with Excel or statistical analyses, yes, but not for writing in Scrivener, not yet at least.

The keyboard… I can’t decide what I think. Sometimes I love it, other times the louder noise of the key clicks get on my nerve.

I have the 1.5 GHz and I LOVE IT. Best laptop Apple ever made. Light and small and fast and silent (no damn fan running). Some people hate the keyboard. I obviously love it. You probably want to try. If you are OK with the keyboard, you’ll love the machine

Well, I got the gold one…

Space Gray. I don’t like the gold, and while I like the usual silver, it’s the usual color. SG is a nice change

Gold, of course. :slight_smile:
The MBP is silver.

Gold, silver, bronze… Who ever heard of someone getting the ‘space gray medal’?

:smiley: Thanks for the replies.

Suspect I’ll go for the space gray.

I’ve the gold-look watch, but not sure I’d dig it on a laptop. Mind you, my other half has the rose gold watch & phone, and they do look nice.

These things matter, right? :unamused:


Of course it does! No matter what some say, looks do matter!

That does look nice @lunk!

I’ll have to see what’s in stock at the Edinburgh Apple Store. Dang, choices, choices…

Thanks for all the advice guys :slight_smile:


Excellent — hope you enjoy the new toy!

Looks nice. Looks familiar! :smiley:
It is the perfect ‘laptop’ actually. I am writing this in my sofa, with my MB in my lap. :slight_smile: