Perhaps the "Twiddle" key?

One feature I’ve always found most writerly is a keyboard shortcut that will let you properly switch letters that got transposed in typing.

So “lteter” will become “letter” by putting the cursor between “t” & “e” and viola! You are a good typist.

In Z-Write it was the Apple-Tilde key, but I’m open to retraining.

I wonder if this already exists in the text system? Does anybody know?



Yes, Ctrl-T is what you are looking for, and since it is a feature of the system, you can use this trick in nearly any Cocoa text field. The exceptions would be in those applications which have bound Ctrl-T to something else. Fortunately that is rare.

I’ve known about ctrl-t for some time now, but I find that by the time I squeeze my cursor between the two transposed letters, then press ctrl-t, then get back to where I was before seeing the inversion, I might as well let spell check handle it on the next pass. Seems like one of those shortcuts that isn’t really so short.


yType, the text expanding component that comes with CopyPaste (an essential utility, as far as I’m concerned) can be set to do exactly that.

It seems to me control-clicking anywhere on the word is the fastest fix and handles a wider variety of typos. (Provided that the contextual spell-checker knows how to spell that effete word you were trying to type, of course).


And now I can. Thanks for the tip!