Permanen Crash

Hello everyone,
So far I have sent three emails (Paddle + LL) to the supporters. Again. No answer. Why is no one responding?
My Scrivener 3 for Windows keeps reporting that it needs a license. I give one. But it still crashes. I bought another license today (51 CHF), fearing that my license was stolen or corrupted. Deleted everything, reinstalled again: same thing. Is there anyone who can help me solve this problem? I can’t continue writing, the program keeps crashing.

If you don’t get an autoreply immediately, check your spam folder.
If nothing is there, try with a different email address.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply - this time. In the meantime, I have solved the problem. Scrivener must be started as administrator during installation so that the licence can be entered in the registry. Now it works again.
Thank you very much.

Don’t be rude. Not everyone who responds works for L&L.


Whilst this problem report is resolved, using the form gets an auto reply that the form cannot send the email to support. I used the the address shown, but get no replies. Posting to the forum seems to be the only resort (at the moment).

I guess L&L will pick up on this issue and resolve it shortly.

I hope so. I have the same problem. Removing and reinstalling as administrator did not work. The error says that the license has already been used.

It was, on this machine. I am now looking for a replacement and some way to import my many files to it.

As noted, always check your spam folder if you think we haven’t responded in a timely manner. Be sure to whitelist the domain, as that’s where our support emails will originate.

While we try to respond more promptly, and often do, please allow 48 hours for a human response.

If after 48 hours you still haven’t heard anything, PM a moderator through the forum with the email address you used for your query. Moderators will have shields (like mine) next to their user name. To send a message, click on the user name, then look for the “message” button in the upper right of the profile page.

It has been more than 48 hours. What is the problem with my copy of Scrivener, or your confirmation server, or my license that worked fine until about 3 days ago?

Please PM me with the address you used for your support request, and I’ll have a look.

I just picked up your help ticket, so please let me know if you don’t see that reply.