Permanent loss of work on freeze crash

A great suggestion I received here recently was to use Sync with External Folder as a backup method.

In case you haven’t played with it, Sync with External Folder will copy all documents and folders in your binder into a Windows or Mac folder as .rtf files, and will automatically keep that folder up-to-date with your changes every time you close your project, with zero effort on your part.

The scenario would be if Scrivener stopped working on your machine and you needed to recover your work. Instead of digging down into Scrivener’s project folder and going through the nightmare of trying to piece together your writing and notes from all of those randomly named files, you’d recover from the .rtf files in the external folder, which are in binder sequence, with binder names.

This would be in addition to using zipped backups, of course, as these backup methods are meant to solve different potential problems.