Permanent negative word count


been using Scrivener for under a year on my latest WIP. I’m a professional novelist, but always just used Word before. For the most part, I’m finding Scrivener increasingly pleasing the more I use it.

However, had an issue recently occur, not sure if this is a general bug, but I can’t figure out how to change it and thought it should be publicly logged anyway:

After the latest update several chapters disappeared. Obviously this caused some intense panic and fury, and a lingering lack of confidence in Scrivener’s safety to boot. My back ups didn’t work, because they were backed up to an older version, which seems slightly crazy.

Luckily, for belt and braces I also had a compile backup saved in Word, so ultimately I lost almost no work. Probably some edit changes, but nothing too major. I just compared versions and pasted in the missing sections. However, the fact that work disappeared at all leaves me very uneasy.

Additionally, since that time, there has been a permanent discrepancy between versions: my Project Statistics are always running around 500 words longer than my Project Targets even though as far as I can see (and I’ve compared multiple times) both should be using identical compile lists. A compile into Word produces a word count closer to the longer Project Statistics count, though seemingly never identical.

Stranger still, my Session Target now begins each day at negative 504 words instead of zero. And it can only ever be reset to negative 504 words. It’s like Scrivener always thinks something has just been deleted, which makes me think it is related to the problem that occurred when work disappeared.

Does anyone have any ideas what has happened and how to fix it please?


My session count always begins at -21 and I can’t seem to find a way to fix it.

Has there been a fix found to this? I’ve also been having this issues in Windows version

it’s stuck at -1189 and I can’t figure out how to fix this.

I really love the word count feature of scrivener so I’d like to get this fixed.


It’s not going to be fixed in 1.9.7; the Windows team—all two of them!—are busy concentrating on v. 3, where presumably it will be fixed by the time it comes out of beta, if not before.


Does anyone have a fix for this?? Still struggling