Permission problem on some PDFS


When I drag & drop some PDFs into Scrivener (for example this PDF: … riften.pdf), Scrivener says I don’t have the permission to open the file.

Of course I double-checked that Scrivener has the permission for the folder, which is the case, and also there is no problem with opening other PDFs and text files from the same project located in the same folder.

Thank you,

I found a way to avoid the bug!!

It is only happening if you “drag and drop” a PDF that has not been saved yet on your hard-drive into Scrivener (so for example if you open the PDF from Safari in Preview and you drag it directly into Scrivener without saving it first on your Desktop or somewhere else.)

Well, minor bug, but solving it in an update of the program would probably solve a few headache for users like me :slight_smile: