Permissive MMD Import

It would be nice if the MMD Import routine would be permissive enough to accept text files with words in them containing ordinary high-bit ascii characters in them, such as

    Kurt Gödel
     Søren Kierkegaard
     Hasta mañana

and need I mention

   ménage à trois?

My (limited) experience, at least, suggests that the import routine will refuse files with such characters in them. [Maybe this posting belongs on the bug list, but, as mother always said, it all ends up in the same place!]

I can see no downside to such permissiveness and I can’t see any reason that the routine itself should need to preclude them.

Thanks ever,

P.S. Student writing exercise: Use all of the above sample phrases in one sentence. Write a short scene which makes sense of and uses this sentence. Do not smoke your Gitanes until you have finished.

P.P.S. Exercise in World-Theatre: Casually use all of the above sample phrases in one sentence at a party. You may smoke your Gitanes during the episode. Bonus points if you can do this in the manner of Julio Cortázar.

As I said in my reply on the other thread, the MMD import uses UTF8, so I’m not sure why this should fail. If you could provide me with a small sample file that always fails, that would be really helpful.