Pernicious Feature

Scrivener (iOS) has a feature I’ve never seen before: if you backspace a word away, Scrivener gratuitously deletes the space in front of it, leaving the cursor at the end of the preceding word.

Obviously this is intended as a courtesy, making it convenient to remove a word without an accidental double space. However, if one’s intention is to retype or replace the word, one now has to remember to type the leading space. This might be OK if every editor in the world worked like that: we’d get used to it. As it is, it’s certainly different from every editor I’ve ever used.

If the courtesy really needs to be there, I’d suggest deleting the trailing space, which would be equally helpful and easier to spot: as one types, the new word appears, and it is (perhaps unexpectedly) conjoined with the trailing word. This is easy to fix, one just types an additional space, which is visibly absent on the screen. With the current implementation, there’s no easy recovery after you start typing. Either you have to backspace again, or arrow over and insert the space after typing the word. It doesn’t save work: it causes work.

Naturally, if one only ever typed into Scrivener, this would be something one would learn. In a world of many editors, not so much.

I’d like to see it turned off. Failing that, I’d like to see it changed to remove the trailing space. Failing that, I’d like to have a switch to turn it off.

Failing that, of course, I’ll just get over it. :slight_smile:




And here is the original thread where we posted a response. :slight_smile: