Persistent crashes when reordering project folders

iOS 12.3.1 iPad Pro 2018 (12.9”), fully up to date app.

I have the binder set to expanded (extra wide). Today I’ve been breaking up chapters into smaller chapters for pace and noticed a couple of issues:

  1. Creating a new folder always sticks it at the bottom of the folders. It’d be great if it placed them in view (or something similar) as on a big project like this it requires me to enter edit mode and drag a folder a long way from the bottom of the binder. Note, some of these folders have long synopsis, so may be truncated by the size of the viewport. This is where the bug (rather than UX issue) kicks in:
  2. Drag a folder to top of list of folders in the Binder. If the synopsis for a particular folder at the top of the Binder doesn’t fit in the viewport, the only option is to drop the folder I’m moving on top of it. This initially appears to work, with the dropped folder animating off the of the screen to wherever the drop position is supposed to be (just not visible). Unfortunately, the app then crashes. I tried this several times with the same result.