Persistent formatting problems when compiling to ODT

For years and years, I’ve accepted that for whatever reason, compiling to ODT (though not RTF) will always introduce formatting errors that no amount of tweaking in Scrivener would solve. It recently occurred to me that I could try to solve them, but I’ve failed yet again. LibreOffice’s defaults don’t seem to be relevant, because they differ from what Scrivener is producing.

I managed to get the footnotes to compile in the right font (well, close enough - the font name is garbled and italics display funny, but it exports correctly to Word, which is what I mainly care about) by switching away and back to it. However, the footnote numbers are still in Calibri for some reason (I don’t use Calibri anywhere). If I switch them to not be superscript, not only do they stay in Calibri but they also stay superscript, though followed by a full-size period.

The other issue is with margins. I want 1" margins all around, but the top margin is always 1.5", with the <$p> at 1" from the top of the page. Changing the margin to .5" works, but changing it back to 1" makes it 1.5" again. Changing it to 72pt makes no difference.

Am I doomed to manually fixing these errors every time I compile?

I use LO a lot.
When I have to print documents, for various technical reasons I compile to RTF and go through LO first.
I was unable (if even doable) to figure out how to have certain parameters pre-tweaked for my resulting document, once it lands in LO.
Things such as “Do not split paragraphs”.
The position of the header, relative to the top of the page.
Each time I have to tweak them all first.

So, I am very interested in the outcome of this thread.