Persistent Notes on Right Sidebar

As I develop the story there are elements that I develop or need to remember across chapters and books. I would like a component of the right pane that could stay across any documents so that I can see and add to a aggregate set of concepts, notes, pictures across chapters and books.

Check out the Project Notes feature, which does everything you’re asking for. :slight_smile: In the Inspector notes panel, where you’d add notes per document, click on the header bar and switch to project notes from there.

OK. That works.

Then would like to be able to have Project and Documents Notes at same time as there are things I am keeping track of in the current chapter and different things in the novel.

Project Notes can also be worked with in a separate panel, via the File/Project Notes menu command. Otherwise do note that Cmd-6 toggles between project and document scope in the inspector, where relevant. So it’s very easy to have a lot of stuff going on and flip between them.

I typically keep Project Notes open in a separate window, underneath the main window and arranged so I can open it with a click. I also drag the Notes icon onto the menu bar. The always-open combination of Project Notes and Document Notes is a huge brain-saver for me, everything from character bibles to time-lines, on a large (project) or small (document) scale.