Personal Request to Keith: if S3 not out, give public beta, or allow us into private beta

Dear Keith, our benevolent dictator

I’m one person who, in combination with others, make up the undeserving masses who didn’t qualify for the private beta Scrivener 3 program, however, in our favour we have contributed over the years to hoist Scrivener onto its pedestal of the most popular writing app in the world. So even though I and many others didn’t make the cut for the beta program, it’s not as if I didn’t do anything. I bought licenses for Scrivener versions 1 and 2.

All this is to butter you up so I can get around to saying what I really intend to say: On 11 November 2017 I start a month’s overseas sabbatical to write the book that will change the world :slight_smile: Wouldn’t it be cool for you to one day tell your grandchildren that the book that changed the world was written on Scrivener 3? But this can only happen if one of the following occur:

  1. Release Scrivener 3 before 11 November 2017. You realise that most of us don’t read manuals and see instructional videos. Many of us just dive in and twiddle to figure out the software, which, if designed well, is all most of us need.

  2. Release a public beta of Scrivener 3. It is evident from your blog posts that any release of a Beta now will pretty much be the real thing.

  3. Give me a special, late entry permit to the private beta program :slight_smile:

And please, no more blog posts until S3 comes out. It is clear you have no awareness how each blog post is an infliction of cruelty of such order that only one writer can inflict on another writer. Each blog hammers the nails into our hands, with the message: “These features are what you cannot have access to right now”.

Enough of any humor. I speak plainly. From the reader-comments below some of your blog posts, in the worldwide Scrivener community, there are quite a few loyal (I remembered to add that word) Scrivener users who are soon commencing writing projects, and who would dearly benefit from acquiring early access to Scrivener 3, even whilst your team is scurrying to finish the promotional and educational materials - but not needed for those of us users whose badge of honor is to be able to figure out any piece of software merely by twiddling with it ourselves.

For these undeserving but loyal Scrivener users, are you able to open up the private beta program, if we can submit reasons of why we really, really, really need Scrivener 3 earlier than the delayed launch? After all, you had intended S3 to be out in time for NaNoWriMo :slight_smile: ?

And letting us into the private beta program now won’t hurt anyone. We promises - cross our hearts etc - to keep it confidential so you don’t miss out on a marketing punch when Scrivener 3 is eventually and officially launched.

I realise you want to have the perfect Scrivener 3 launch, with all the manuals, videos and websites all nicely done up. But the deserving few, who were part of the beta program, managed to operate and use the beta software without those - so, it stands to reason, there are lots more of us out here who could get along just fine without having to wait for the manuals, videos and website advertising.

Over the decades of dialoguing with you on the literatureandlatte forum, I haven’t seen you relent once, but deep inside, I know you have a writer’s heart, and this is an appeal from one writer to another to ask for access to the private beta program in time for my writing sabbatical starting 11 November 2017. I make this appeal, not just for myself, but for the several writers who have stated, in comments under your blog posts, that we have serious writing projects coming up soon that will significantly benefit from the magnificent writing tool you have created for the writers of the world.

Yours sincerely

Scrivener User since version 1

Ah, I love the smell of pitchforks being sharpened in the morning sun!

@4miler I have an old Olivetti that you can borrow in a pinch. If you re-ink the ribbon, squint a bit, have lots of HB pencils, highlighters, index cards, paper clips, thumb tacks, scotch tape, a tape recorder and mimeograph machine, it will be barely distinguishable from using Scrivener 3.

Gotta disagree with the premise here.

I’m a Windows user (because no new Mac Mini in years, mainly) and I find 1.9.7 very usable. If I could get 3.0 right before starting a 1-month sabbatical duing which I intended to focus on writing, would I? NO. I’d stick with the tool I know, not spend sabbatical time learning the ins and outs of a new tool. And I’d stick with a well-proven tool, not a tool that, being new, might have a show-stopper bug or three.

The only exception would be if 1.9.7 had some failing that made writing difficult. But it doesn’t.

4miler, if you are that much in need of a bit of a bit of disappointment, just buy yourself a lottery scratch-card. You will get the same chance as getting a good result without us having to see the tragic pleading…

I agree with pcgeekesq. Installing a major upgrade of anything right before embarking on a high intensity, time-limited project is a terrible idea.


As another user who has used the program since its inception, I have to agree with the post. I have participated in many beta testing with other companies in the past, and some of us are not afraid or mind using the public beta software.

It’s quite sad, really. I’ve been reduced to starting each day checking the literatureandlatte website - only to be jolted into the realisation I’ve seen the same homepage too many dozens of times that I could memorize it, and then exhibiting that last ounce of hope, ending each day in the same forlorn way. Then starting each day with the same drudgery. It’s one day at a time, and every day yields another visit - actually, two visits - to the tragically exact same web page. If I were to confess to visiting the home page more than twice a day, you might quite rightly fear for my health. The sadness of it all is only partly mitigated by the optimistic realisation that I am boarding a plane on 11 November for what should be a perfect sabbatical holiday, except for one missing piece. The fact I write this at all is a testament to the human spirit that hopes against hope, even to the last hour. :slight_smile:

In times of suffering, people are reduced to asking the age old question: why is this happening to me? I count myself fortunate, in that Keith has provided an official reason for my predicament. I am finding myself in this drawn out campaign of attrition, knowing that every day of Scrivener 3 being withheld from me, others will benefit from having a faster-loading website to read the information about the new software. In this, I try, somehow, to take some quantum of solace.

I’m about to embark on a long interstellar journey to the galaxy NGC 6822 in a spaceship I made myself out of an old skip, to help overthrow the intergalactic hive mind ZZZ67B. Due to time dilation I won’t be back until approximately 3955 AD. As much as I’ve tried, I can’t get out of this so please could I also have access to Scrivener 3 Beta rather than have to endure a millennia of agonised waiting.

Reading @4miler, @melmoth2 and the others, I think L&L should start a writing contest about the release of Scrivener 3.
There’s here food for novel writing : passion, hope, desire, eagerness, (emotional) blackmail… :laughing:

Not to forget sado-masochistacal flagellation. Always appreciated.