Pesky Outliner Column Width Problem

Hi Everyone:

Not a new problem apparently, but a stubborn one – in the Outliner, my first column extends completely across the page. I’ve checked for solutions and there seem to be a couple:

  1. Download the March update. Did that, no change.

  2. Drag the right corner of the first column to the correct size. Unfortunately, I can’t find the right corner. One post said it’s visible when you hover the cursor near the down arrow but that didn’t do it for me.

Hoping there’s another work-around, pending more fix-its in the software itself. Grateful as always for any help.

Windows 7
Happy Scrivener subscriber since Beta testing on Windows

This is a pesky problem - I often get it. Sometimes the cursor will change, allowing the column to be narrowed, when hovered over the far right hand upper corner of the edit pane. Other times I have to hide the Inspector before I can find the edge of the column. Often I have to repeat the dragging processs a couple of times. Scrivener seems to remember which columns to display in the outliner, but never how wide they should be.

Try switching to another view and back the first time you load the outliner in your session, e.g. when you open the project, load the outliner, then switch to corkboard, then switch back to outliner.

Hi Simeva and MM:

Thanks to both of you for responding. Switching from outline to index cards and back doesn’t eliminate the problem but by being persistent (thank you, Simeva), I finally found the edge and was able to drag the column over. :smiley: Now I just have to hope it stays that way and isn’t something I have to mess with every time I open the program. What’s the possibility of a permanent fix in a future update, MM?