Pester Me: a script that checks on what you're doing now

There’s this to be said for pen and paper: unless you are mad for doodling, there’s not much room for idle distraction.

The Internet-connected computer is another story, of course. A different scale of production is possible. But the opportunities to procrastinate are endlessly rich. Sit down to Scriven, start to check a fact in the Browser and an hour later … you’ve lost an hour.

Pester Me” may help. It’s an AppleScript that once installed pops up a small dialog every few minutes (you decide how often) to ask: “What are you doing now?”. It records the answers in a CSV file that you can read or load into a spreadsheet program to tabulate your wanderings.

After a little while, if you’re honest with yourself, you begin to see where the days go. That little question begins to remind you to stay on-track. But don’t tell it fibs. Only try again.

Download it here.

Excellent! Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
(installing it while I should be writing)