Phantom Chapters

I’ve created a monster. When 7 chapters of my manuscript mysteriously disappeared one day, I recreated them from the RTF files that Scrivener thankfully saves.

The problem is, the missing material has reappeared in strange ways: the chapters are listed in my compile list, and I have to manually deselect them; the old material also shows up ahead of my new chapters when I select “Manuscript” (“Draft”) in View mode.

Mysteriously, the old chapters do not appear in the Binder. But they insist on showing up where I don’t want them; the only way to work on all of my new chapters together is to select them as Scrivenings.

Any advice on how to get rid of these unwelcome ghosts?


It might be more fruitful to send us a copy of the project so we can see what is going on here. My guess would be that the material got tucked away in a folder or something and you haven’t spotted it in the Binder, but it’s really hard to say without looking at it. Just use the File/Back Up/Back Up To… command to create a zipped copy of your project, and attach that, if it is under 10mb, to our tech support address. Be sure to let us know what to look for in the Contents compile list.