Phantom image I can't delete from file

I have a manuscript with a number of images in it. I typically place the image by copying it in another program - in this case I’ve been using Excel - then pasting it from the clipboard. I noticed that when I clicked on an area above one of the images, an outline box appeared like the one around an image - even though there’s no image there. The box extends across the text in the paragraph above the graphic. I’ve attached a jpg screenshot.

If I right click on the phantom image and choose edit image, I see that it has the same name as the image below it, but if I edit the name or size, nothing happens - the changes aren’t saved and don’t affect either image. I tried deleting the image below, which appeared to get rid of the phantom image as well. However, when I then pasted a new image into the same spot, it came back - only this time it appears to be associated with the image above where it appears, as that is now the name of the phantom image.

When I compile to a pdf, the phantom image does not appear in the file.

Any thoughts on how I can clean this up? My biggest concern is that something’s corrupted in my project that could create bigger problems down the line.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Have you tried copy and pasting the text into a new document and inserting the image you do want into it, to see if the phantom follows along? If it doesn’t, you can then delete the original document.