Phantom table border

Hi Ya’ll
I have these phantom boxes/table show up on a page that has a table added to it. IU can see it both in the compiled file and in the scrivener window,
While on scrivener I try to click on it but nothing happens, there seems to be “nothing” there when there actually is.
Would this be a bug? or something to do with the settings?

Many thanks

pdf file screenshot.png

What specifically is the problem? That the table exists, or that the border is visible?


Those tables borders have nothing to to with the actual tables that are in the page. They are some additional squares that show up “phantom”
they show up in the pdf compile and in the scrivener viewer, but not when compiled to word

Are they table borders then, or something else?

For example, the big box around the whole page looks like a margin guide (Scrivener -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Page View -> Options.), and the smaller one looks like a highlight box around styled text (Scrivener -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Textual Marks -> Options.)


I tried that and the boxes are still visible in the compiled pdf and in the page view in scrivener.
Any other ideas as to what it could be?
I also sent you a PM with images that are not blurred out


I responded to your PM.

For those following along, this is the point at which I need to look at the project directly, so I asked Andrea to send it to our support address.


One other quick thing to check, if there is a table, then right-clicking anywhere in the boxed areas will add table commands to the contextual menu. One of these commands will be to remove the table, which you probably would want to do in this case. It doesn’t look quite like a table to me, but it’s worth a check.