Phantom text in folders


I’m using Scrivener on my MacBook and my iPad, syncing via Dropbox. Today I opened a project on my MacBook for the first time in a while - for the past few weeks I’ve been using my iPad. I’ve been careful about syncing, although in my early days I did get a few conflicts because I hadn’t exited the project properly on my iPad.

Today I noticed text icons on almost all of my folders, when I opened the project on my MacBook. I am 100% sure they were not there when I closed the project earlier today on my iPad. The project has 5 folders. 4 of them had text icons but there was no text in the folders themselves - I made sure the group views were turned off and tried selecting and deleting any stray spaces and carriage returns, but there weren’t any and the phantom icons stayed obdurately there.

The one folder that was behaving properly worked fine. I typed a few random characters of text and the icon appeared. I deleted them and it disappeared. But the other 4 folders continued to display their text icons.

In the end I cleared the problem by creating a new set of empty folders, moving the text files from the old folders into the new folders, then deleting the old (now empty) folders (which, interestingly, still retain their phantom text icons as they sit there in the trash can).

I have done a few tests by working on the project on my MacBook and my iPad alternately, being careful to exit properly each time and sync Dropbox, and the problem has not reappeared.

Can you cast any light on how the phantom text icons might have appeared? I don’t like unsolved mysteries - perhaps it’s my OCD :slight_smile:


It could be potentially too many different things to really make a guess, based on a description of the symptom alone. If you don’t mind sending in the folders in a sample project to support, we could take a look at it. I’d suggest that rather than posting an attachment here, since you don’t know what the content is that is triggering the badge, or how to get to it (or indeed if there is any, but it’s best to assume there is).

Thanks; I’ll email the sample project now, with the folders in it.

Thanks, I’ve had a look at it. Try this:

  1. Click on the Draft folder in the binder.
  2. Press ⌘2 to switch to Corkboard mode.

There is your text. :slight_smile: Those are index card badges on the folders, not full page badges. The former merely indicates that your folders have synopses written up for them. They also incidentally indicate these folders definitely have no main text content, as that content badge overrides the index card badge. You can see the difference by clicking on any of the folders, pressing ⌘2 again to turn Corkboard off, and then type something into the main editor. The icon should switch to a page of text for that one folder.

Thanks, Amber. Mystery solved. :slight_smile: