Phone App

I love behind able to use Scrivener while I’m at my desktop and still be able to use the same files in Scrivener on my laptop on the sofa or early in the morning in bed. I just wish my phone could join in on the action.

My best thinking happens on my feet, when I’m walking around outside with the dog. I’d LOVE an app on my phone so I can jot down spontaneous ideas for my plot/characters while I’m away from my desk without losing the notes or forgetting about them. I tried carrying little notebooks with me, I tried using other phone apps to jot down notes. Most of them get lost in the mountain of random notes on several stories or simply forgotten to copy it over to scrivener so I don’t forget to implement the idea. It would be amazing if there was a phone app, even if it’s just a simple tool, that adds the written notes to a scratch pad or something.


There is.
Drafts4 is a simple iOS app for entering text. When done, there are “actions” to do different things with the text. One action sends the text to a specific folder in Dropbox.
Modify the action to send to your Scrivener Scratch Pad folder instead. There you have it, next time you open Scrivener! :slight_smile:

Thanks! That would be so awesome!

Do you happen to know if there is an android app that does this? I tried searching for that in the Play Store but that app doesn’t seem to have an android version.

Even though we’re a small part of the Scrivener pool, it would be GREAT if Scrivener became a Windows 10 Universal app that ran on the phone as well as the PC, and supported Continuum. Man, would that be HOT or what? :smiley: