Photo Quality kept or degraded?

I’m thinking about using Scrivener as the organizing system for something completely different from my novel writing. Part of what I want to do is use it to organize a ton of my photos into categories/folders.

If I drag and drop photos from my iPhoto (or really from anywhere) into Scrivener and then drag and drop them out again, does the quality degrade at all during that process or does that photo contain the same ‘information’ (dpi/size etc)?

I didn’t get a reply to this question. Any of the moderators know the answer?

I’m no moderator, but I think you should be fine.

I’m no moderator, either, :slight_smile: but I did a quick test. Images stored as separate files lost nothing by a round trip through Scrivener.

If you keep your images as separate files, you should be good. If you embed them inside text files, there are some issues discussed in this thread:


Because I’ve never resized embedded images on my Mac, I’ve never run into any problem. Since it sounds to me like you’re not going to embed images at all, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Hope this helps!