Photos in notes for research docs

Hello Lovely Literature and Latte Experts,
Newbie and apologies…
I have been inserting image files into the notes section of my research documents – and would like to be able to open them to view larger when expanding on the text of my research.
But they won’t open into a larger format.
I’ve read a whole bunch from the manual and the forums but am no further ahead…
Any ideas ?
Thanks for your time!

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    b.t.w. OMG I Love Scrivner!!! You guys rock!!!

Not sure which of the three platform(s) you are asking about, but on the Mac, double clicking on an image which has been put into a text file in Scriv brings up a little sizing widget for scaling its presentation in the editor. Does that do what you need?

Nothing happens when I double click (MacOS Monteray 12.2.1)

Okay, how about control-click to bring up contextual menu and choose Scale image… On my version of macOS this brings up the selfsame Image Tools palette. But on my system, this method only works on images that have been placed in a Scriv doc – and does not work on self-standing images which have been dropped directly into the Binder. Not sure why the difference, but only double click works on self-standing images – for me.

(I’m am not on Monterey.)

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Nice! Thanks for that (and very cute cat :smiley: )

I am able to get a menu by using shift click, and am able to open a pic that’s in the binder - but not the notes.

I will keep at it, there’s sure to be a key click combo that will get the pic in the notes to open!

thanks for taking the time for your tips !:grinning:

Oh, you dropped it into the Notes of a doc! Somehow I missed that detail. And presumably you are trying to zoom in to the image to see some details better.

Yeah, I don’t know of any way to do that in Notes other than to resize the width of the Inspector – which presumably is not quite what you want. I suspect that the Notes area was never conceived of as for the purpose you are trying to use it for.

In fact, putting the reference images directly into the Binder, and then splitting the Editor so you could have your writing doc in one side and your reference image in the other side would give you greater flexibility and serve your purpose better. I think this way of doing would be fairly typical for writers in Scriv who need, for example, to look at a floorplan of some location while they write a scene. Of course, all this applies just as well for working on a text doc of research which where you need to be consulting a reference image.

Here is an example. I could split the Editor pane horizontally or vertically, give as much or little of the space to the writing doc as Ii want. And, on the image side, zoom in/out as it as need be.

A little tip worth noting, that is Mac version specific (there are technical limitations in how images work in a text editor that make this and a few other interactions difficult for Windows): you can drag and drop images out of the editor of course. If you do that into the binder, for example, it will create a copy of the file there, and is thus a way of getting images out of documents or notes and into the research structure.

So that’s handy, but an even handier thing to know about is that you don’t need an image in the binder to get a full view of it in the editor: you can also drag an image from any editor or inspector field into an editor header bar to view it there. You can’t actually edit or do anything with it other than view it, because it’s in the document still, but if all you want to do is see it full size or zoom in and pan around on it, that’s what you’re looking for.

I would not recommend resizing the image in the editor just to do this. That actually modifies the image’s metadata to print at a different scale. Maybe not a big deal for cat photos in the inspector, but something to keep in mind for the main editors.

Thanks so much for this - very helpful (and wow what a cute cat!:grinning:

Thanks for these great tips!:grinning:

Thanks everyone for your help - my issue with photos is sorted out!

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Thanks ! The Voyager Tarot, its pretty awesome🌞