Phrase and Word Scanner

Good morning KB, I use Scrivener (for windows) since yesterday and it works for me. I only miss one little thing I found in another Software (PageFour, is it allowed to mention?). A scanner which counts my double phrases and words - this would be a very helpfull tool. Any chance to get something like that - and don´t forget the poor Windows user ;- )

Sorry for my English, I am German ;- )

Welcome, Writer112!

I tested PageFour briefly before testing and adapting Scrivener and I totally agree with you that is one of the features I miss from that program. I like the fact that Scrivener breaks down word usage if you look at under Project->Text Statistics. I wish it would take it one step further and actually allow you to click on those words so you could see where they were being used.

That being said, the duplicate phrase scanner from PageFour is a stand-alone project. It’s called SmartEdit and you can download it from


cool, thank you. I would prefer to have it in Scrivener, but for the first time that´s okay. I found an old answer to my question, - it was a “No” ;- )


You’re certainly allowed to mention PageFour! It’s a great product and it’s got a really nice developer. I’m afraid there are no plans to step on his toes with this feature, though. :slight_smile: It does look useful, but it’s a bit beyond the current scope of Scrivener, as I tend to prefer old-fashioned re-reads and proof-reads rather than software for this sort of thing (I’m not saying that software isn’t useful for it, just that it’s not something I’d use, and thus it ends up low on our list or priorities, sorry!).

Thanks for the suggestion, though.

All the best,

Thank you Keith for your explanation. Then I have to face it ;- )