Picking a monitor for fullscreen in dual-screen setup


So, this is a very minor annoyance - I feel like whining about anything is ungrateful given how awesome this prorgam is generally - but here it is, in case it’s a simple fix that I’m missing.

I have a dual-screen setup, and find that I’m alway more comfortable if I’m writing in the right-hand screen. No matter what I do, though, when i switch Scrivener to fullscreen mode it takes up the left-hand monitor.

I’m using KDE on Ubuntu 12.10. This happens no matter which monitor the original Scrivener window is in, and no matter which monitor I set as “primary display” in the KDE settings manager.

Any suggestions appreciated.

This is generally a function of the video driver for your vid card. Are you using the built-in X multi-monitor support, or are you using a proprietary video driver (Nvidia, ATI, etc.)? Some drivers have a feature that will let you force a specific app to show on a certain monitor. Give us a little info on your video setup, and maybe we can help.

Thanks for the reply - apologies for belated return.

I’m using an nVidia GeForce GT 530 card with the 304.43 proprietary driver. The X server is 11.0. I’m using a TwinView setup.

The right-hand monitor is the primary screen set up in nVidia settings.

The KDE X RnR settings do seem have an effect though, so it looks like the nVidia settings don’t automatically take precedence.

As you say, some programs to seem to allow for control over where things get drawn. LibreOffice can be set to use the “external” monitor or not for presentations for instance and switches between monitors appropriately depending on that setting, so it’s certainly possible to get done in principle.

There’s no relevant option (yet?) in Scrivener though, so no sure whether it’s possible there.