pics in the draft folder ?

In part 1: Basics of the online tutor it states:
(As such, the Draft folder is unique in that it can only hold text files and folders.)
The Research folder can hold text or media files (images, PDF files, video files and so on).

And yet I am able to import pics into my text files… so this is confusing.

It’s like saying that a basket cannot hold a red hot glowing coal, but it can hold metal boxes, and you can put red hot glowing coals in a metal box, which can then be put into baskets.

When you import pics into your text files, that doesn’t make the text files pic files, it makes them text files with pics. The same way that a .docx file you open in Word can have a picture in it. The format is still that of a text file. A file that is only a pic, formatted as a pic, is one that has to stay in the Research folder.