Picture Book Format

Hi. Most of my author friends use Scrivener, and many of us are picture book authors (some are illustrators, as well). I usually use the Blank screen as my starter, but wish for a template for picture book manuscripts - especially for my nonfiction projects, which incorporate research, art, links, etc. The Short Story template comes close, but still requires some tweaking.

I don’t know if there’s any widespread interest in a picture book format, but if you are at all interested in pursuing it, I will be happy to invite my author pals to gather a list of our wished-for features.

Many thanks for a terrific program!


Might be helpful…


Note that you can easily save your own template. Start with whatever existing template is closest, make whatever tweaks are helpful, and then use the File -> Save As Template command.

If you do that, feel free to share it with the community.