Picture Edit HUD?

I just bought Scrivener and couldn’t be happier!

After watching the 10 minute into movie, I notice a HUD display when a picture was clicked on in the research folder. I can’t seem to emulate that in my copy of Scrivener. When I click on a pic in research view all I get is a resize image dialogue box, not a HUD. Anyone know how I get the HUD?

I’m using 1.12 beta (SK)

What you saw in the demonstration video is the media view (as opposed to an embedded picture in a text file). Try dragging an image into the Binder (anywhere outside of the Draft), and then selecting it and double-clicking. I know you say you are in the Research area already, but make sure the picture is not a file embedded in a text file. The icon will be different in the Binder.

If that still doesn’t work, it might be a Beta 12 thing? It’s been out for a long time (check the beta board for a download link), and is stable for use. It’s been so long since that has come out, I don’t even remember what 1.11 had (and rarely use the media HUD anyway).

Amber is right. If you double-click on an image inside the text, you get a simple resize box. But you can drag image files directly into the binder. When you view those and double-click on them, you get the HUD. It’s not really an Edit HUD, though. It just allows you to resize and rotate the image for viewing.
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