Picture strategy

Using Scrivener 3 beta for Windows and the IOS version alongside. Syncing on Dropbox and using my iPad mainly for reading and correcting/adding to the text entered in my Windows system. Works fine…


My WIP is a non-fiction book with quite a lot of illustrations (jpg photos and maps). I have noticed that none of the pics are visible on the iPad (broken link symbols only), which makes me wonder what strategy I should use for placing my pictures in Scrivener.

Right now I place all pictures, sorted by chapter, in the Research folder and place them into the text by linking there and writing the caption below. That should mean that the pics go into the Scrivener file system and should sync with the project. Or am I mistaken here?

More generally put: Is linking to the pic files in the Research folder the best strategy or would I be better off using inline pictures?

Or would it be better still to just mark the places for the pictures and handle them in Word or maybe a DTP system later? What is your experience?

Grateful for any response before I get too far into my project.

Sorry for any language errors, not a native English speaker (living in Sweden).