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Call me foolish for asking this but how do you put a picture to your avatar? There seems to be no way to add it or select a picture from a gallery on my end.

Yosi baby!
Works f’ moi at my end (metaphorically, obviously :blush: )

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Yeah, thank Vic. Linking from another website though – what happens when that website goes down?

You lose it, and you have to repeat the whole friggin rigmarole again, with another web site.

Actually, I just struggled with different avatars images, from off ancientgreece.com/s/People/Socrates/

Can’t remember where my earlier Plato avatar came from.

Maybe they’re trying to cut down on their storage space. However, it seems to me that at 60KB per avatar, there’s little storage used by allowing people to upload their own pictures.

It’s no big deal. It’s easy enough done.
Welcome aboard Scriv, doug. You’re not related to Wandering Aengus, are y’? youtube.com/watch?v=NBGZQqRghrs

No relation! I’m sure it’s not too difficult…just a bummer they don’t use the native abilities of the BBS software.

I’ve enabled Gravatar support as well as the ability to upload your own.

Yay, Gravatar! Thank you!

Holy Mabel! Give us a break! :open_mouth: The place’ll be full of friggin’ selfies jeeezzzz tch!tch!tch!

It would all be dear little Fluff’s posthumous fault if that is what becomes of this!

Careful Ioa, you remember what she could become!! :open_mouth: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/writers-cafa/97/1

Yay! I’m no longer a disembodied head!

Garpu, what gorgeous eyes you have. :wink:

Is dis-em-headed body better?


OK. But I’m contented to be the local headless idiot. It… suits me well.

Finally, I have an avatar here!



All I know about that is that a without a wouldn’t pass the W3 validator.

What the hell is a W3 Gladiator? :open_mouth: