Pictures and 'full' viewing modes?


I’ve moved all my current scripts to Scrivener. I like the idea of having everything in one place and not having to pin all my research on my walls. But I’m having two issues with moving all my work over to Scrivener.

The first is – I’d like to put pictures on the ‘corkboard’ in the character and location section-- heck it’d super useful to connect ‘inspiration images’ to each scene, to help zero in on the focus the tone of scenes.

The second issue – I have all my scenes on note-cards. Which is great for staying organized. But, moving over from FinalDraft, I’m missing seeing the full script as I’m working. The only way I can see the full screenplay is to compile it into a pdf or final draft document. But isn’t there a way to see the whole thing and smoothly navigate between working on specific scenes and seeing the whole document?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


For the first, click on the little index card icon above the synopsis in the inspector to switch to image mode for the index card. You can then drag an image in and have that appear on the corkboard instead of the synopsis.

The second is actually a fundamental feature of Scrivener and we call it “scrivenings” mode. Either select all the scenes in thd binder or the folder that contains them and then switch to scrivenings mode via the view mode options in the toolbar or View menu. (For scriptwriting, I also recommend turning on single line separators for this mode via the Formatting pane of the Preferences.)

Hope that helps!

All the best,