pictures disappear

I am using Scrivener for Windows 10.

Pictures (.png files) that I am inserting into my document from the “Document References” section of the Inspector disappear.

I am writing an instruction manual, and every document has many screenshots (.png files and a .jpg or two) that support the text. Until recently, all worked well.

Please refer to the attached screenshot to see an example of the problem.

The picture in the screenshot appeared properly, then, for no reason known to me, it disappeared leaving behind the ‘ghost’ that you see. This has happened repeatedly. In my first try at this document every picture went bad. (Please note a document in the Binder called “Complex Compound Transactions - Overdraft - bad.”)

I deleted all the pictures from the text in the “bad”, then copied the text into a new document called “Complex Compound Transactions - Overdraft - good_1” (the attached screenshot.) I added the pictures to the “Document References,” then moved (dragged) the them to their places within the text. I resized them. That worked. I closed the document. The following day, when I reopened it, a picture had been replaced by a ‘ghost.’

This problem did not occur while I was at work on any of the other documents in the Binder, although I have not opened them to see if they have been 'contaminated."

‘Disable display scaling on high DPI settings’ is selected the ‘Compatibility’ tab of the “Scrivener.exe Properties” window. This has been the case right along.

Does anyone know what is happening and how to fix it?


Are you doing a Right Click | Insert Image?

You will then have to find the image on your drive. Scrivener needs to insert a real copy before it is embedded into the file. It probably does not recognize your linking from documents as an actual link to the drive location, so it could not find it.

Thanks for the reply, alas it did not work for me.

I re-inserted the picture using the “insert image” dialog. The picture was inserted, and appeared properly. I then closed the program. Upon re-opening the image had gone and the ghost was back.

I have the same problem with pictures (Scriv (Russian language), Win 10): my pictures dissapear and became grey “ghosts”. Have you solved this problem?