Pictures into Scrivener[BUG LOGGED]

I’ve possibly got the wrong end of the stick here, or perhaps it’s something not yet implemented that I’ve missed, but I want to be able to copy pictures from my own research into Scrivener so that I can look at them, basically. Currently copying a picture and pasting it into Scrivener just gives me a little icon of a file. Is seeing the actual picture something I can do?

Sorry if this is blindingly obvious :smiley:

Select it as though it’s a text file. That should open up the full picture in the Editor pane. But from what I can see, there’s not much you can do in there. It just fits the picture into the pane as best it can. If the picture is small, it seems to expand it and if it’s large, it shrinks it so that it fits into the pane.

You want to use the IMPORT function to import the file from your computer. And then it will appear in the binder as it’s own entry. Please note you can not import into a Draft, only into Research

  1. Open a text file.

  2. Edit>Insert>Image From File.

Doesn’t matter if it’s in the Draft or Research pane. The only limitation is that you need to have the picture at the proper size before you import it–you can’t resize it (or at least not right now).

Agreed. We need to be able to drag and drop pictures from research area and file system in editor - not only just via import. It’s on the list.

I’m not seeing what the problem is. I just grabbed a picture from my desktop and I dragged it into the corkboard view and it created the picture in Scrivener just fine.

I mean, what it shows in the card could be improved because it looks like it just grabs the middle portion of the picture instead of a thumbnail of the complete picture, but that’s OK. And once the picture is in Scrivener, I can select it and view the entire thing even if it doesn’t show up completely in the Card view.

So… I’m not seeing the problem.

Never mind :smiley: I was making a new document in Scrivener, then trying to drag the picture into the document. What I should have been doing was what most people said, which is drag the picture straight onto the corkboard.

My apologies for wasted time ^^