Pictures wrong set + video import

If I put pictures Straight from my iPhone on the ipad (AirDrop) and I want to import them in Scrivener, they are often upside down, even if the Photos application on the iPad interprets the picture correctly. And I can’t change that in Scrivener.
The work-around is trying to Edit the pictures on the iPad, doing a small crop or something, and saving it. Then scrivener interprets correctly.
Is there a way that Scrivener can interpret the metadata of the pictures a bit better, like the Photo application does?

I also didn’t find anyway to put Video from the Photo Roll into Scrivener.

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I’m new user of Scrivener and totally enthousiast with it. With mac and ios’ iPad.

Did i miss something about Integration of photos ? On iPad, Once, i cuted and pasted a photo from the photo’s app to integrate it directly in a page of my Scrivener project. So great !
Today, impossible to have that again : results always upside down. Even from the commande in Scrivener.
I tried again and again : impossible to have my photo correctly.

i surched this them here, but the lonely i found is this one, dated from 2015, with no respons.
Is someone could have idea ?
Please, forget my bad english…

Thank you for respons If somebody can tell me something.