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I find one of Scrivener’s best features the ability to split windows so that I can see a research file on my right-hand monitor, and the composition mode on the left. BUT so often I’m without that external monitor. However, new macs and new ipads have a way to split the screen.A bit of research shows this IS possible with Pages.It would be superb if on the mac/ipad one could view two different files, e.g., composition mode with the text being written on the left, a research file on the right.

Thanks for considering this.
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Is there not a page icon in the upper-right corner of your editor pane?

Click on that to bring up a split screen — you can have any two files in the binder side by side, or, with OPT-click on the icon, top and bottom.

Just click in one screen, select the file you want, then click in the other screen and select the other file.

I doubt there’s any way to work composition mode into that combination, but perhaps a genial dervish will come along and indicate that for you as well.


As I read it, the OP is not talking about a file in the Research folder in Scrivener, but open in another app.

That said, there is no reason why he couldn’t save his current layout on his 2-monitor machine so he can access it easily from the “Window” menu, and then when he’s using his laptop, close the binder and inspector, drag the Scrivener window to half the width of his screen, save that layout too, and if he wanted to give the two layouts keyboard shortcuts.

Then, when he’s on the 2-monitor set-up, choose that layout, and when he’s just on his laptop select that layout, and then open his research in whatever app it is in a window occupying the other half of the screen. If he needed to access the binder or the inspector, he could open them up as necessary and then re-close them.

What about it?

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Don’t want to accuse you of dervishitude, but I suspect you’re right.


maybe i am not understanding the wish here, but scrivener already does split screen with other apps. i am doing it right now, with a scrivener project on the left and this forum on the right.