Pilcrow vs. Curved Stem Pilcrow?

I’m having a weird formatting issue that I’ve never seen before in other programs. I’m pretty new to Scrivener and I’m formatting some text I’ve made in another program so I’ve got hidden characters shown. However, I’ve got a weird thing going on with my pilcrows (those paragraph symbols); some are the normal pilcrow, some are this weird curved stem pilcrow I’ve never seen before. It seems to be random which is which. The issue is the normal paragraph symbol takes the formatting of the next line of text, not the text it’s on, so it really messes with leading.

Any insight into what’s going on?

Edit: I’ve discovered that the curved stem pilcrow is for when the next paragraph is the same style as the current one. So that means my issue is that the normal paragraph return is using the wrong style. And, any formatting i do to that hidden character affects the next line’s style. So weird!


How are you importing the text from the other program? Are you copy/pasting or…? If copy/paste, are you using “paste and match style” option, or do you specifically want to keep original formatting?
If I’m not misunderstanding what you’re doing/seeing, it sounds like the style from your other program is being pulled into Scrivener and causing the mismatch between Scrivener’s style and what you’re bringing in. If you don’t care to keep original formatting, “paste and match style” is better option.
These may also help, if you want to change the default styles of your project so that when you “paste and match style”, it’ll be pasting in the format you want:
[url]How do you set default indents, font etc for all documents?]
[url]How do I set font and format defaults?]

I would suspect the “curly” one is actually a line-feed, not a paragraph-break, so what looks like a paragraph in the same style is actually part of the same paragraph as the one above. The normal “new paragraph” marker is making a new paragraph but the new paragraph has “No Style”.

I have encountered this problem of line-feeds instead of new paragraph breaks very frequently with text imported from Microsoft Word—along with non-breaking-spaces where there should be ordinary spaces.

My solution is to replace the line-feeds with paragraph-breaks (and non-breaking-spaces with ordinary spaces) and then sort out the styles.



I don’t remember how I brought this into Scrivener as I brought it in from Celtx in January (clearly I’m working hard on this project!). I’m guessing I copy/pasted, but that’s just a guess. I got halfway through fixing formatting but from what’s left, it was a mess. Probably imported more like plain text than anything if I had to guess? Tabs weren’t a thing, an ungodly amount of spaces, no wrapping paragraphs… shudders

I’m not sure about line feeds, either. Can’t say I even know what that is in this context? Does Scrivener use these markers as something different? Honestly I just want paragraph returns!

Also, looking more closely, the use of pilcrows and stem pilcrows isn’t as regular as I thought; sometimes it’s between the same style paragraphs, sometimes it’s not. Seems fairly random. If I put in new line breaks via hitting “enter”, I can’t see any rhyme or reason to which one I get. This means I can’t figure out how to replace them. And, there’s still the issue of the formatting of that return character taking the next line’s formatting.

For the record, this isn’t a super serious problem; it’s just a script and no one but me is going to notice. But I’m a graphic designer and I want my thing to look pretty! :smiley:

Might it be a font difference? The two fonts in your screenshot are similar but not the same. Just a possibility.