Pinboard Card Text and actual content...

I’ve been using Scrivener (Windows) through it’s trial period - alongside some other writing software - and I’m pretty sure that Scrivener is the best tool I’ve tried - but one thing irks me and I’m wondering if there’s a way around it.

I’ve layed-out a lot of my content using the ‘pinboard’ and entered notes onto the cards to lay-out the content (it’s a non-fiction/blog-style short story) as I’d like to include it BEFORE I write it.

Problem is, when I switch into writing mode, the notes I entered on the card aren’t visible anymore - OK, I could split the screen but the cards/text aren’t synchronised and - frankly - it’s a bit of a mess to work with.

Being able to see the ‘card notes’ at the top of each of the actual text content sections (even if it’s not edittable) would be really useful at this point

Is this possible? If not it seems a bit of an omission??

The text on the cards - what Scrivener calls the synopsis - is visible in the inspector. Click the blue button with the white i on it (right hand side) to bring it up, and the top section will hold the text. It will update as you click between various scenes in the binder.

Oops - sorry for the slow reply, that’s excellent - thanks