Pinned Taskbar shortcut misbehaving

Any ideas on this? I have Scrivener pinned to the Taskbar. Never an issue. Recently though, the icon for the shortcut has reverted to a generic document icon.

It still refers to Scrivener.exe, and the shortcut icon setting also points to the executable, so it should be okay. But it persists in no longer showing the circled S, and instead keeps showing the generic white document. It does sitll launch Scrivener correctly though.

Possibly related: I recently discovered that I had Scrivener 3 and its precedessor installed side-by-side. Apparently, I’d assumed that 3 would replace its predecessor, and never noticed that it hadn’t.
I discovered this when I clicked the Taskbar icon last week, and it suddenly launched previous Scrivener instead of 3. This gave all kinds of errors, since my projects have all been updated to 3 format, and my license for the previous version was no longer valid. So this was a good wake-up call to uninstall the previous version, delete the taskbar icon, and re-pin the Scrivener 3 shortcut.

Ever since then, the icon is the generic document.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Deleted the Taskbar shrotcut and re-created it from launched Scrivener 3.
  • Purged the Windows thumbnail cache (with Explorer reboot)
  • Uninstalled Scrivener 3 and reinstalled (thank God for Options export!)

To be clear, this is a cosmetic issue, since everything works normally. But it’s both baffling and annoying, so I’m hoping to find a fix.

Found the solution: clearing the Explorer icon cache. Instructions here if anyone else runs into this issue: How To Delete IconCache.db When It Says Acess Denied? - Microsoft Community