pins and index cards

i use coloured pins to denote the “temperature” of each scene, sometimes i wish i could add more than just one pin for one index card as one scene can be boiling for one character (red), ice for another (blue) - but both are on the same card.
maybe the pins could be arrow shaped, too, so that ups and downs of each chapter/index card are clear at once. thus more information per pin.

if one view-option of the index cards were: aligned in a row, one next to another from left to right, you could emulate a timeline easily without inflating scrivener with more gadgets. equally, free index card positions would be nice, i.e. more than 3 next to each other.


Thanks for your suggestions. Please do a forum search as all of these suggestions have been made before and I’ve explained why they won’t be implemented - at least not in any currently planned version - elsewhere. In short: having more than one pin (an arbitrary number?) would be very difficult to maintain. Pin - label - colours are used elsewhere too, in outliner rows, icons and so forth, so you would need to keep up with which colour was being used where, which would be confusing. Having one colour associated with each document keeps things simple and easy to remember. Moreover, the interface would need to become more complicated to allow for the adding of multiple colour labels (a particular problem in the inspector). The corkboard cannot be freeform because it links with the structure of the binder. A freeform corkboard would mean Scrivener trying to work out which order the cards are supposed to be in and also remembering the positions for each card in every single folder, which would be a lot of work and extra storage.

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