Pinwheel when editing document

I have one particular document in a Scrivener project, and every time I do anything that requires moving the cursor or the document after making an edit, I get a spinning pinwheel that runs for about ten seconds, then everything resumes. What I mean is: I make any edit (delete, add text, cut, copy, paste, doesn’t matter), and then everything stops (in Scrivener) while Scrivener thinks about it, showing the pinwheel. I can CMD-TAB to different applications, and I can move the mouse pointer, but until Scrivener finishing thinking about what I’ve done the Scrivener page won’t move, adjust, or show the changes.

This document is the only one in any project that has this issue. The document has 3 PNG images, and about 900 words of text.

What could it be thinking about that hard? I have larger documents with more images in them even in this same project that don’t have this issue.

It could be the document originally had some complex formatting that is bloating the file size and making it difficult to work with. From your description, the delay occurs during auto-save, which avoids running while you work, but triggers when you pause for a couple of seconds. Since it sounds like there is only one file in your Binder that is causing problems, what I would do is export that file to plain-text, then drop the exported file into the Binder and see if working with the “cleaned” text is any better.

If you didn’t need too much of the original formatting, that may be enough of a solution to go forward with that, maybe setting aside the original outside of the project so that it doesn’t get in the way. Otherwise, if nothing improved, or it had a lot of formatting you need, there are some things we could look for. Let me know.

It also happens when I first select the document and load it into the editor, when there is no reason for it to auto-save.

That wouldn’t surprise me. If it takes a while to save the document, it may well take a while to open it too.

Exporting it to Plain Text and re-importing it worked.

I still want to know what went wrong, so I can avoid doing it in the future. I checked to make sure there were no tables hidden in it, what else can I look for?

Great, glad to hear it’s back up to speed.

It is a little unusual to see this happen, but every once in a while we see cases where formatted text from a different environment (like Word, or even a web page) won’t behave well in the editing tools Scrivener has available for it. Problems of this nature can sometimes even cause crashing and other misbehaviour.

So by nature of how it happens, it is kind of hard to avoid, but like I say it’s fortunately an uncommon problem—most files and text sources are fairly basic in terms of formatting—and it is usually pretty easy to fix when it does happen.