Pity the poor migrant

I’m in the course of moving my work life to a new computer; initially just for a week away, but almost certainly this new Air will be my work computer, while the MacBook will be my trusty fun computer.

I’ve copied all my work files - my Writing, Reviews and In Transit folders and all inside them - to the Air, and set it up for work. And I set up Scrivener on the Air.

But just now I did my first interview on the Air, using Skype with Call Recorder nested in. All was hunky dory until I reached for Scrivener and my ThisMagazine.scriv (not the real name) file. There it wasn’t.

Luckily I was at home, so I could open Scrivener on the MacBook and run down my list of questions from there.

But now I find that I’m heading off to London thinking I have the immense Scrivener project of notes for a biography, all my usual things like packing lists, my projects for various magazines, etc - and I don’t.

The biography is particularly important; I’ll be going to archives and need all the accession numbers and the notes on the documents, films, photos and books I’ve booked. How do I fix this, please?

I gather that you just haven’t transferred your .scriv project(s) from your old computer to your new one? New projects are created in your Documents folder by default, but you may have chosen another location–try running a Spotlight search for “.scriv” if you don’t remember where you stored them.

If you did move them and just mean you don’t see them from the “Recent Projects” menu in Scrivener, that’s just because it’s not been populated on your new machine yet–the list is just shortcuts to your actual file, created when you open a project. Use the regular “Open” menu to locate your project and open it; after that, you’ll see it in the Recent Projects list.

I had transferred it, but Spotlight wasn’t finding it on a search. However, I’ve searched for it on the old computer and found it on the same path. It was obviously just some horrid glitch. Thanks for your help, MimeticMouton; I feel quite sheepish now :blush:

That sounds to me like spotlight isn’t working on your new computer, unless you flubbed the searches you attempted (maybe typing .srciv or .scirv in the search, instead of .scriv). I’m not sure how to go about turning spotlight on if it’s off, but since the machine’s new, maybe you can call Apple tech support.

Quite possible I flubbed, robertdguthrie; on the percentages I’d say it’s 98% me, 2% Spotlight.

Thanks for all the help, lads; panic over.

Also, if it is a brand new computer and you just transferred over a ton of data from your old computer—Spotlight might just need a few hours to catch up. :slight_smile: Indexing is computer-specific, so when moving a lot of previously indexed stuff on the first computer, the new computer has to build its own index, and for a while its results will not be 100%. You can tell when Spotlight is chugging away on a lot of new material; there will be a little blinking dot in the middle of the magnifying glass, and ordinarily you’ll hear a lot of disk activity. With the Air, you won’t hear a thing.

Enjoy your new computer!

If you have to force Spotlight to re-index, you can google and find a terminal command to do that.

As someone who doesn’t want to mess with terminal, I use this (ghetto-but-worry-free) method: Open System Preferences > Spotlight > Privacy. Drag your hard drive icon from your desktop to the “Prevent spotlight from searching these locations” window — and then, once it’s added, remove it. Spotlight will, by default, re-index.