Place in file doesn't update

I’m using the split mode and the file on the right is about 40 000 words. Every time I open this project it starts at the same place, even though I’ve scrolled in it and it’s not even in the absolute beginning of the document. Is there a way to save where you are until the next time you open it? Like an anchor of some sort or a way to fix this?

What you are getting is the last cursor position. This is what is remembered, not the scroll position. Knowing this is how it works, just make sure you click into the text at the current scroll position, if you want that to be where you come back to.


p.s. Not sure why you would put 40,000 words in a single document in Scrivener. You lose out on many of the advantages of the software by not cutting your long form text at its joints. (And you can always bring the whole thing into the editor anyway with Scrivenings View at any time.)

Yes, I thought about this after I’ve posted, it would make sense. So I tried it and it doesn’t matter. It’s still at the same place when I open the project. Also, Scrivener is extremely slow and crashes a lot, which is a shame. It doesn’t seem to be compatible with my laptop for some reason as it was the same before I upgraded to Scrivener 3 and before I switched to Linux.

If what you’ve got in that editor pane is in Scrivenings Mode by any chance then that would explain why it does not keep it’s place. Otherwise, I’ve not got a clue.

I wouldn’t know about quirks you might encounter under Linux. I guess the Linux subforum here might have a clue if what you’re seeing is known behavior.


It’s not in Scrivenings mode. Thank you for trying to help.

The slowness and crashing isn’t related to Linux as it was like this (but same laptop) before I switched.