placeholder/hierarchy issue

Hi all,

First-timer here and PhD student…I have some placeholder tags working semi-successfully to auto-number figures in my document. The issue is they are off by a factor of 1 - using the following code in my 3rd folder within the binder


outputs Figure 4.2

when I think it should be Figure 3.2

What have I done incorrectly here please? please see attachment image of my binder structure.

Thanks in advance


The <$parentposition> placeholder just prints the parent’s position within its group (the Draft in this case), and from what I see, it is the fourth item in the group. There is no difference between files and folders here, in other words. They all have numbers, and one might equally desire to reference the parentposition of a file as a folder.

I wouldn’t recommend that placeholder for this type of thing, a more reliable technique would be to give your folders a numeric stream, like you have for figures. For example, <$n:chapter:introductory>. Now that will be 1, and always 1. Of course another advantage of doing things that way is that you needn’t constrain yourself to one level of indent going forward. That placeholder will work no matter where you put it, even if you end up with six levels of indent in your chapters over time, whereas parentposition will only ever reference the parent (or the fifth level of indent in this example).

Thanks for the quick reply, but I admit I only partially understand.

How would I setup my tags then?

In my case, is the DRAFT being counted as position 1? That would make sense.

The numbers are assigned to each item within a folder. So in this case 1 is the Title Page file. Draft is, from the context of your files, a grandparent, not a parent, so it’s not a part of the sequence, save that it is the folder containing the items that are counted, all of them, not just folders.

With my example, using another $n stream for your chapter names (the folders), from the figure you would type in something like <$n:chapter:introductory>.<$n:figure:somethingsomething>. Presumably you would also use the first half of that to number your folders themselves, though you wouldn’t necessarily have to, since its only the first instance that gets counted as 1. Thus the first figure you called for that particular chapter would establish the number 1 from that point onward.

Thanks, I think I understand now - I imagine if I replace <$parentposition> with <$n:chapter:introductory> , changing the chapter name on a per folder basis, I should get what I need.

Many thanks